Why the Term "Nonmedical Marijuana" Proves that AUMA is STUPID...

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act uses the term “Nonmedical Marijuana” 28 times in its 62 pages of overburdensome nightmare regulatory bullshit pipe dreams. The very essence of this made up word-salad terminology shows clearly what is wrong with the AUMA… It is stupid.

It is a bad idea. It is poorly written by people who have never sold a bag of weed in their lives to appease segments of the population who will hate us regardless. The fact that you have to categorize somewhat legal weed as “nonmedical” just shows that your focus is way out of whack from the jump.

It is bad enough that I have had to spend the last decade arguing with most of these folks that all cannabis use is not medical, no matter how much they wanted to tell me that it was. When I blast off with 10 fat blunts and get lit like a firework with the homies in the middle of the Cypress Hill show I am not medicating… I am smoking weed and loving it; and that is okay. I like to get high… I also medicate with cannabis at times. I can do both. I am talented like that. But now I have to figure out how to argue with people about “nonmedical marijuana,” as if that were a real thing? No thanks.

I am already crazy angry that we ended up with such a piss-poor version of legal cannabis to vote on in November. Now I have to figure out what these people mean by “nonmedical marijuana?” Are you shitting me? What exactly are you trying to hide with this gibberish? Who is buying what you are selling? How can you even say that with a straight face?

I am not doing it. I won’t. If you want to have an “adult use” conversation, then fine…. Let’s do that. But this “nonmedical” deal is not going to work for me. There is no way I am going to spend the next four plus months having a dialogue with you folks about some “nonmedical” mythological creature.

But just so I am clear… Let me see if I can spell this out for you. A team of lawyers, mostly from the Drug Policy Alliance and ACLU, sat down to write a voter initiative that supposedly legalizes cannabis for adults 21 and over, and the best term they could come up with to describe that was that they were legalizing “nonmedical marijuana.” I have spent the last almost 7 years, since the Prop. 19 debates began in 2009, trying to get our community to understand that classifying cannabis as “medical” was the second strictest classification next to outright prohibition in an effort to get us to begin asking for what we really want… legal weed for whatever the fuck we please. Now some group of attorneys decide to get together to write a law that will severely affect the lives of California weedheads for decades to come, and not only did they blow it on actually legalizing weed for whatever the fuck we please, but they also decided to re-regulate medical marijuana for a page and a half of their new law, and have decided to classify all other use of cannabis as “nonmedical?” Did I miss something?

The whole thing just seems dishonest, and it shows why AUMA is a stupid idea in the first place. Instead of crafting a law that is reasonable and which regulates weed like booze they wrote a law that regulates weed like “medical marijuana.” They in fact decided to regulate it exactly like medical marijuana, incorporating the new Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act program’s bad ideas into one shitty law that everyone can find a reason to hate.

On top of that, they decided to go even further and include every bad law, policy, and crappy idea about how to regulate weed from across the nation. Ten milligram edibles? Sure… Let’s put that in there. How about making sure every cannabis event sucks by not allowing people to provide free samples of anything to anyone ever? Sure. Let’s put it in. Or the great idea that a person who retails alcohol or tobacco could not also retail weed. Super. Put it in. That should get us the extra votes we need for sure (rolls eyes).

The whole AUMA concept is just stupid and unnecessary. Why would we wait until 2016’s Presidential election where the argument was that the larger turnout of younger and more liberal voters would ensure a victory, only to write the most complex and strict cannabis laws in the world for people to vote on? That is just stupid.

I mean look at them…. I found this social media advertisement on my friend Chris Conrad’s page encouraging people to “Legalize, Tax, and Regulate Nonmedical Marijuana.” (Nice remedial artwork. Did someone’s child make that for you?):

Now I respect Chris very much, and I completely understand his position. I do not agree with him that AUMA is a good idea, but I respect his reasoning for doing so, and you will never catch me saying a bad word about a true pioneer. Do not get me wrong… Chris makes a lot of valid points about the benefits of AUMA that can be very convincing, even if I believe they fail to tell the whole story and are cherry-picked facts that attempt to make the case for a law that, by all accounts, is poorly written and in my opinion will handcuff this industry for decades to come. But that is his right, and I respect his opinion whether or not I agree with him. I stood in the trenches with Chris and Mikki during the Prop. 19 debacle fighting the same fight they are fighting now… That progress is progress, and that we should support progress. But the game has severely changed since 6 years ago. It is no longer the same argument, and AUMA is worse, not better, than Prop. 19 by all measures.

You lose me at “nonmedical marijuana” though. I am done talking to you after that term rolls off of your Kool-Aid stained tongue. Sorry. I can’t look you in the eye if you want to discuss “nonmedical marijuana.” You sound stupid, and you are not going to rope me into having a stupid nonsensical discussion about a stupid law using a stupid term that has no place in this discussion. It proves my point… AUMA is a stupid idea put forth by stupid people who do not have the best interests of the average weedhead in mind. That is clear. I guess it takes 62 pages to write a law that attempts to answer every question, while also pissing off nearly everyone in the process. It is stupid, and the fact that you have to make up a term like “nonmedical marijuana” to try and convince some weirdos that you are legit exemplifies just how stupid it is.

I will admit that my mind is not 100% made up that I will not vote for AUMA when it is all said and done. It is a hard pill for me to swallow to think that I might vote against a law that, even for all of its flaws, does make cannabis at least a little more legal than it is now and that might protect even a few people from enforcement actions down the road. I may just not vote at all given how depressed this whole deal has made me. Or, I might show up and actually vote against “Marijuana Legalization. Initiative Statute.” because it pisses me off that this is what we were left with after fighting our asses of for decades.

 AUMA is not good enough. It never will be in its current form. It does not create a level playing field for anyone, and creates dozens of flawed policies that will be enshrined in CA law for many years. I can assure you I will not be campaigning for the fucking thing, and from what it sounds like not a lot of other people will be either. The chorus of “It is better than what we have now” continues to ring loud and clear that, at best, this law is simply settling for something because we have no confidence that anything better will ever come about. That is sad, and did I mention… stupid?

Fuck your “nonmedical marijuana.” I am going to smoke some weed already. 

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