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17 SEP

So do the new regulations allow for independent delivery services?

At first reading of the new laws it seemed that they only allowed for dispensaries to do deliveries, which they do in definition. But I was reread the language from a different viewpoint and realized that, if a City or County allowed it, the definition could possibly mean that a DELIVERY ONLY business could qualify as a dispensary too? Check it out and let me know what you think...

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15 SEP

AB 243 Breakdown and Analysis. What is it all about?

So here we have the third and final law being passed broken down and analyzed for your convenience. AB 243 is focused primarily on cultivation and how growing weed effects the environment. It is full of a lot of regulatory schemes aimed at ensuring growers are compliant and not negatively impacting wildlife habitats and water resources. It also further establishes and defines the tracking program and the new powers granted to the Department of Food and Agriculture to regulate cultivation. This is the third law I have broken down. The other two are SB 643 and AB 266, which are linked. All three of the laws together will make up the program that will govern our lives for years to come, so get to know them. Here is the AB 243 breakdown.... Enjoy.

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14 SEP

AB 266 Analysis and Breakdown. What is this all about?

So here is the second installment of the three laws being passed to govern medical cannabis in California. This one is a doozie. AB 266 is the law that lays out all of the licensing and the authorities granted to the different agencies responsible for licensing the industry. It spells out all of the nifty licensing schemes and how DISTRIBUTORS will be the gatekeepers between cutivators and manufacturers and dispensaries. So much fun! I also broke down the companion law SB 643, which you can read HERE So here is my take on AB 266 in all of it's glory... Enjoy.

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13 SEP

SB 643 Analysis and Breakdown. What does it do?

So I have went through line by line and tried to explain exactly what SB 643 does and how it will work. My comments are bullet points in red. I was going to do all of the laws together, but this is a lot to absorb; so SB 643 is the first of the three laws I will analyze and break down. Stay tuned for AB 266 next, followed by AB 243. This is comprehensive stuff, and I do my best to interpret the law in the simplest terms possible so you understand what we are up against. It is going to be quite the undertaking, and will certainly create classes of winners and losers. The best advice I can give you is to get started early, expecially if you need to secure local approvial. Mickey Martin Consulting will be taking on 100 quality clients to help them navigate the maze. If you are interested in our services contact me at; or visit the site at Without further ado, here is your SB 643 Breakdwon and Analysis.... Enjoy.

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12 SEP

So what happened?; and Are we fucked?

Last night in the eleventh hour the California Legislature passed three "historic" bills in an effort to regulate the medical cannabis industry here. They passed AB 266, which is a comprehensive framework for licensing all cannabis businesses in California over the next couple of years. They passed SB 643, which is a law that creates new restrictions on recommending cannabis to patients, as well as requirements for licensing of cannabis businesses. It also includes schemes for taxation and tracking cannabis products from seed to sale. In addition, they passed AB 243, which is more focused on environmental regulations and standards for cannabis cultivation.

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11 SEP

A New Era of Cannabis Reform and Hopefully Freedom

What an exciting time to be a part of the cannabis reform movement. Never in history has their been such a push to return cannabis to its rightful place in our society. But nobody said it was going to be easy. In fact, it is going to be very messy and difficult. I can assure you that. There will be a lot to figure out and learn as we move from a system that is sometimes unclear and undefined, to a rigid protocol of rules and regulations. There are a lot of players in the game who may or may not have the best intentions of cannabis and cannabis users in mind, and I will do my best to keep up with the madness as it unfolds.

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