About Us

What is ReformCA.org?


REFORMCA.ORG is the brainchild of cannabis activist and consultant, Mickey Martin. This site is in no way affiliated with the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR) or their Reform CA project. In fact, it is the antithesis of that project, as we strongly believe that group is not capable of leading the fight for cannabis freedom in California, or anywhere. This project is meant to explore deeply all of the options on the table, and help voters and supporters to make more informed decisions on how cannabis should be re-integrated into our society in the future. There is a lot at stake, as laws and policies are being developed for governing and giving new rights and freedoms to cannabis consumers. We believe in having an open an honest dialogue about the many aspects of the laws and strategies being proposed.

You will find a DISCUSSION page that spells out common aspects of cannabis legalization laws divided into easy to navigate categories. You can add your comments, ideas, and points of discussion to the conversation, and help find good solutions to difficult subjects. You will also find an INITIATIVES page where you can see the language of the laws that have currently been filed, and also add your commentary to those. We will be adding new language as they are filed with the CA Secretary of State.

In addition you will find FREEDOM VIEW, which is a blog that will cover the hot button topics of the day, as the battle for legalization in CA evolves. Written by Mickey Martin, it is a colorful look at the modern cannabis landscape. We encourage you to tune in and check out what is happening from a unique point of view. The conversation is sure to bold and forward-thinking. It is going to be a difficult time, as we figure out how to end decades of prohibition and injustices. No one said it would be easy. Join the conversation at ReformCA.org to keep up with what is going on throughout the initiative and campaign process in California, as well as efforts happening to legalize weed across the globe. It should be an exciting time for those who love weed. Thank you for your support.

ReformCA.org is an online resource dedicated to moving forward the conversation for the reform effort to legalize cannabis for adult use in California in 2016. As we speak lawyers and stakeholders are working on language that will define how cannabis is possessed, used, grown, processed, transported, distributed, and sold in our State for decades to come. It is imperative we get it right now to avoid issues in the future. For those of us who have spent years developing the cannabis movement and industry in California the words drafted in this initiative are not just important…they are vital to our future.

We must stand up and be accounted for in the process. Individuals and organizations from all over the State and from different sectors of the cannabis landscape have understandably different views and understandings of what it will take to create a legal cannabis industry that is fair, and which serves the cannabis user well. This site is aimed at creating a safe place for us to come together to express our ideas and opinions in hopes of finding areas of broad consensus. It is true that we will never all agree on everything, and none of us should go into the conversation expecting to be right on every point we make; but we must make a concerted effort to find reasonable solutions to difficult problems, Part of having a fair and open conversation is going in open-minded and not starting from a point where everyone else who disagrees with us is wrong. While the conversation is sure to get heated at times, as this is deeply important to so many of us, we MUST allow for everyone to feel safe in voicing their opinion. Please respect others in this debate.

There are many aspects to ending prohibition for us all to consider. The definition of cannabis freedom can take on many forms to many different people. At the end of the day, what all of us should hope to achieve in reforming cannabis laws in California and the world is an environment where people can use cannabis freely without fear of arrest, punishment, or loss of standing in the community. We should hope for an industry that is a level playing field where producers and retailers of cannabis can openly compete for the cannabis market without impossible barriers to entry that limit choice and innovation. The goal should always be a market that produces ample high quality cannabis at the greatest value to the consumer.

So how do we get there? What can we do to be a part of the solution? What must be in the initiative language to make this all possible? What must NOT be in the language? Where are areas we can find compromise; and what are the deal breakers for us?

My hope for ReformCA.org is that it is a place where we can put it all on the table, and influence those putting forth initiative efforts to consider our voices in the process. From those of us who grow cannabis; to those who process raw cannabis into amazing finished goods; to those who distribute cannabis products; to those who run cannabis stores; to those who operate auxiliary businesses; we all work together in an industry that should ultimately benefit the cannabis consumer and provide high quality cannabis products that are convenient, affordable, and safe.

Please take the time to be a part of this discussion, no matter what your role is with cannabis. Create an account and share with us your ideas, your wants, and your needs. As the language for these laws is developed and discussed we can use the ReformCA.org platform to organize and evolve the conversation. In the end, we hope that whatever language makes the ballot is one that has been vetted by our community and something we can all live with and prosper. Thank you for taking the time ad energy to be a part of the ReformCA.org community. We look forward to an incredible marketplace of ideas where we can share and learn about the efforts to end cannabis prohibition once and for all in California.