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Discussion Rules

  1. You Are Not Right and Others Are Not Wrong: Starting a discussion by telling others they are wrong is ineffective and stalls communication.

  2. Do Not Insult Others: While discussion is sure to get heated at times, leaver personal insults and flame attacks out of the discussion.

  3. No Posting Personal Information About You or Others: There is no need to post identifying information about an individual or organization in this discussion.

  4. Do Not Bump Threads: Each comment and discussion is able to be voted up or down, and more popular threads will be more prominent.

  5. Stick to the Topic At Hand: This page is for discussing efforts for legalizing cannabis in California. All other matters are irrelevant here.

  6. Don’t Spam Me, Bro: This site has filters set and is moderated. If it is being used to hawk your goods or services you will be removed and blocked.

  7. Please Post in the Correct Topic: While some areas will overlap, try to stick to the format laid out and post relevant topics in their proper discussion.

  8. Do Not Openly Argue with Our Moderators: Moderators are volunteers and they do not need to waste time having a flame war with you. If you have an issue with moderation email us at

  9. No Racist, Sexist, or Discriminatory Discussion Will Be Tolerated: There is no place on this discussion, or in our society, for discriminatory rhetoric. You will be removed and blocked immediately.

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